A long time coming…

It’s been quite a while since I updated here. Like I said in my first post over 6 months ago, I really only started this because others I know are on here. It’s going to stay pretty plain for a while.

I figure I better at least put more words up since I have this site listed on the back of my chapbooks now. So I will begin on this first day of April aka National poetry month by cross posting my poems I write for the month.

I am challenging myself in 2011 to write a poem a day so I have challenged myself in April to write TWO poems per day AND to adhere to a particular form for each poem. I am going to see if I can break my 2008 & 2009 records of over 70 poems in one month (this of course counts haiku/senryu, couplets, and other short poems).

So here we go!



I am going through a lot of online changes so I will be taking down all of my poetry and redoing this blog in 2017. I will leave some of the old posts up and most of the 2016 posts.

I have recently had a book published by Swimming with Elephants Publications which they have graciously agreed to make at cost. I will be giving all of the profits received above the printing and shipping expenses of the books to charities that help women.  Currently, I have an IndieGoGo campaign to launch the book which runs until the end of August. This project will benefit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Rachel McKibbensOutlast Project, and local women’s shelters. Please check it out. Every $1 and share helps!

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

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