“What does it mean to be a Poet?”

“What does it mean to be a Poet?”

Of course, this question can be answered differently by any poet to whom it is asked. It is a very personal and subjective topic. So… what does it mean to ME? Poetry for me is something that I have done almost my whole life mostly in a diary/journal way. Just my thoughts in words arranged in decorative ways.

When I started doing poetry on stage, being a poet took on more facets of meaning. Being a poet had some responsibility to it whether I liked it or not. Even in the tiny fishbowl that I inhabited, the four or five people that witnessed me do my thing are affected in some way by my words.

Now in 2017, I am branching out to submitting my poems to literary journals in an attempt to build my poetic credibility for scholarships and grants. The nature of submission (think about the meanings of that word for a second) is that I have to find the parts of me that fit into a particular line of thought expressed by a particular publication. Being a poet has become a constant state of learning to revise but not losing my voice in my writing, editing parts without losing my narrative and my story.

Being a poet is, was, and probably always will be a multi-faceted and varied thing even within one poet’s mind and life.

So, I’m curious… what does being a poet mean to YOU?

3 thoughts on ““What does it mean to be a Poet?”

  1. To me, poetry is an essential act of communion that occurs between me and the rest of the world that experience. Because language is the fundamental channel through which I communicate to the outside world and to myself, are you alive poetry as both an expression and personal reflection of that experience.

    Without poetry, weather poetry that is performed on stage, written in a book, or simply written for myself, I would not have anywhere near the level of understanding or sharing that I neef to have in my life.

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