Blogging for Dollars… NOT.

I apparently FAIL at Google AdSense. I set up on Blogger because I figured since they don’t seem to have the traffic requirements I could make a few extra bucks with ads on my blog if I switch. So… tried to give it a whirl.

The first time I tried to turn on AdSense, I got a message that my blog had to be at least 6 months old. This was November of last year. I waited until May and submitted to AdSense. Got an auto reply that said my account would be reviewed and I would be contacted with the results and to be patient because it could take a while. Fair enough. A month later out of curiosity I checked the help forum to see how long it normally took. Turns out THEY DON’T EVEN START REVIEWING UNTIL THE ADS ARE TURNED ON FOR THE BLOG. Which made no sense. I thought I had to have AdSense and THEN the ads would be available to turn on, but NOPE. It’s the other way around.

With that in mind, I turned on the ads and promptly got a do-not-reply email NOT to say “Welcome” or anything cool like that. No, it was saying my AdSense account was disabled and gave NO WAY to contact any type of customer service. The only link was to appeal the decision but without knowing exactly WHY the account was disabled, what the heck was I even appealing??

I filled out the form which asked a bunch of questions about how I code my blog (I don’t, I just use the free templates as-is and just type in a blog) and other things that were WAY over my head and my answer to almost every question was “I have no idea what this thing is that you are asking about here. I am an amateur  blogger just trying to add income to my blog via AdSense. How do I find out EXACTLY why my account is disabled?”

I never did get an answer to that question. The only thing I got was another do-not-reply email telling me my appeal was denied (again without a reason why).  I really need to stop being lazy and call my lawyer to figure out what my legal rights are in this situation. Maybe after work tomorrow since I work mornings and will be off by 11am. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime… If Google is going to be so crappy about AdSense, I am going to quit Blogger and I will be back on good old reliable WordPress. I have a lot going on with work and getting all my online things in order and then summer school starts in a week so I can’t PROMISE to be better at posting… but… I will certainly try! :-)

The “improved” posting thing is NOT the bizness.