Book Recommendation – The Nasty Women Project: Voices from the Resistance




Another non-poetry related post, but since The Nasty Women Project: Voices from the Resistance is giving the proceeds to Planned Parenthood, I figured it would be worth posting here.

Most of the negative reviews I’ve read about this are critiquing the political stance of this book. I am going to first review this as a writer. I am going to comment on the technical merit and surprising clarity and skill that each woman presented her story in the aftermath of the crushing Hilary defeat. It is hard in this instant gratification age to find things to hold my attention and this collection of stories did just that. For this, I am glad.

The women who presented their stories resonated with me. I may not have the same situation as they do or even have the same ideology in some things, but our shared femininity bonded me to these stories. As a member of several marginalized groups, I could relate to their stories of frustration and fear in the wake of Tiny Hands Twittler’s entrance into the presidential office. I could also relate to their insistence on maintaining hope in the face of this fear.

This book is definitely for anyone who is feeling these things during this time of extreme global upheaval at the hands of a man that the narrow majority of our country felt to be the best choice. If you are hanging on by a thin thread right now and want to do SOME kind of small act to show the power you feel is slipping away nearly daily, then purchase this book to show your support and help keep Planned Parenthood around for the people who need it for birth control and reproductive healthcare.

This book is available on in eBook, paperback, and hard cover.

Please consider buying a copy of this book to be a part of the resistance. Thank you.

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