Greetings from Washington, DC and a Feature Performance


In 2010-2012 I used to feature at least once a month. Including the cast appearances and being an opener for another more famous poet I would be on at least 20 flyers per year! The last feature I did was in Tucson in November 2012 and I have only performed once or twice since then. And yet… Back in April when Shelly Bell posted in the Women of Poetry Slam group on Facebook that she was looking to have ALL female features in 2015 for her show, I somehow thought that going to DC to perform for the first time in 3 years was a good idea. I think it was my financial aid money burning a hole in my pocket that gave me the hudspah to just up and buy a plane ticket. So… HERE I AM IN DC! I will perform tonight at the Busboys and Poets in the Village at Shirlington in Arlington, VA. SO EXCITED! ^_^


washington monument - sketch style







Blogging for Dollars… NOT.

I apparently FAIL at Google AdSense. I set up on Blogger because I figured since they don’t seem to have the traffic requirements I could make a few extra bucks with ads on my blog if I switch. So… tried to give it a whirl.

The first time I tried to turn on AdSense, I got a message that my blog had to be at least 6 months old. This was November of last year. I waited until May and submitted to AdSense. Got an auto reply that said my account would be reviewed and I would be contacted with the results and to be patient because it could take a while. Fair enough. A month later out of curiosity I checked the help forum to see how long it normally took. Turns out THEY DON’T EVEN START REVIEWING UNTIL THE ADS ARE TURNED ON FOR THE BLOG. Which made no sense. I thought I had to have AdSense and THEN the ads would be available to turn on, but NOPE. It’s the other way around.

With that in mind, I turned on the ads and promptly got a do-not-reply email NOT to say “Welcome” or anything cool like that. No, it was saying my AdSense account was disabled and gave NO WAY to contact any type of customer service. The only link was to appeal the decision but without knowing exactly WHY the account was disabled, what the heck was I even appealing??

I filled out the form which asked a bunch of questions about how I code my blog (I don’t, I just use the free templates as-is and just type in a blog) and other things that were WAY over my head and my answer to almost every question was “I have no idea what this thing is that you are asking about here. I am an amateur  blogger just trying to add income to my blog via AdSense. How do I find out EXACTLY why my account is disabled?”

I never did get an answer to that question. The only thing I got was another do-not-reply email telling me my appeal was denied (again without a reason why).  I really need to stop being lazy and call my lawyer to figure out what my legal rights are in this situation. Maybe after work tomorrow since I work mornings and will be off by 11am. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime… If Google is going to be so crappy about AdSense, I am going to quit Blogger and I will be back on good old reliable WordPress. I have a lot going on with work and getting all my online things in order and then summer school starts in a week so I can’t PROMISE to be better at posting… but… I will certainly try! :-)

The “improved” posting thing is NOT the bizness.

My Life Monday – Things I May Have Forgotten to Mention

As I begin my third week of school, I don’t know if I even mentioned on this blog about taking classes in 2015.  So as most of you know already, I will be sailing around the world beginning 2016.  Since prior to July I had never been on anything other than a rowboat in my life, I figured it would be a good idea to get my knowledge in a better place for a WORLD WIDE trip. Hence signing up for the US Coast Guard certified crew member classes at Clatsop County Community College here in Astoria, Oregon.

So that is my life for 2015: learning to be a better sailor!

Thanks for reading! :-)

My Life Monday – Blog Ads Blues


I was switching from this WordPress site which I love to Blogger which is just meh because of the potential to earn money from ads.  I had started a Blogger years ago but wasn’t very active on it (posted only once or twice a year).  The new blogs weren’t eligible for AdSense through Google until after at least 6 months so I figured maybe if I linked all the new blogs to my original blog, that I would be able to earn money sooner. NOPE.  Now my original blog’s AdSense is under review for some reason so I still can’t earn a few extra bucks for the sailing trip around the world.  Hopefully this all works itself out by June so that I can know before I leave in 2016 how much to expect on average from the blog ads.  Or… if my WordPress blogs get to over 1000 followers and have a few dozen hits per day consistently, it may be worth it to pay for a domain name… We’ll see which happens. Wish me luck!  :-)

In the meantime, please check out the new Blogger and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for reading this blog!


#MLM = My Life Monday — The Emuna Endeavor

I had at some point last year had the intention of posting a personal blog every Monday. I haven’t really been keeping up with that very much. Right now I am trying to get myself together to sail around the world so most of my energy is going to be put into that.

If you would like to keep up with what is going on I would suggest checking out our WordPress site for the trip:

Soon I will be posting some blog posts about the road trip in May from Louisiana to Oregon (where the boat has been in storage) and of the things we have done so far and what we have planned for going forward. I will also be posting inspirational quotes and links to things I am researching about circumnavigating the globe via sailboat.

If you would like to be a part of the start of a movement to support the idea of global friendship and diversity, please follow the trip blog. It is only a personal quest for us if you don’t join in too! We would love to hear from you! :-)


Black History 365, (a slight break from the norm) – Maria Victor

Black History 365, (a slight break from the norm) – Maria Victor.

It’s possible that if no one decides to do a speed trip before I get back to Oregon around 2017… I could be the first African American woman to circumnavigate the globe! The mind, it boggles. O_o

Please feel free to see if there is anything that my Google searching missed. If I had realized this back in 2012 when I was first invited to go along, I think I would have done the last half of that year MUCH differently and we would be already underway by now! Ah well. Hindsight is truly 20/20.

Still slacking on this blog…


I have been obsessed with posting about Black History on my AfrocentriqueAZ blog this month. I also queued up a LOT of sketches for my Sketchbook Saturday series on that blog.

I’ll be getting back to this blog SOMEDAY (I’m working extra hours at my job so that takes up a lot of my mental space).

Thank you for bearing with me during this time! ^_^


#MLM = My Life Monday — Acknowledgements…

I started making it a point to thank people for liking my posts. I went back and acknowledged each like on all my entries for October and will continue to do so going forward until my travel schedule doesn’t allow for it anymore. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read these thoughts of mine so it’s the least I can do to say so!



#MLM = My Life Monday — Best laid plans…

There is a saying: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”… I am feeling that one right about now. Seems like no matter what my intentions have been, the execution of those intentions has consistently been missing the mark in 2013.

I had an EXCELLENT 2010 and 2011. 2012 had its ups and downs but for the most part my life was still very good. This year my life still has its bright moments but as the common calendar year comes to a close, I am finding that there are many things I should have done differently. I refuse to regret because it is an insult to the gift of life. I acknowledge 100% my part in how my life is in the moment.

Now is where I decide what is next… once I figure it out… I will let you know…

#MLM = My Life Monday — It’s still quiet on the home front…

My life is very small in my opinion. It has been filled mostly with poetry (mine and other people’s). Occasionally I have some photography in there. I dance sometimes. Sometimes (like right now) I have love in my life.

This year 2013 is very quiet compared to 2012 when I went to parties and events all the time and planned to leave on a sailing trip around the world this summer. The trip is postponed until next year (see for more info) and in the meantime I am just here surviving from week to week, day by day.

So just like last week, life is quiet. We’ll see what happens between now and next Monday. :-)



#MLM = My Life Monday — Things are pretty simple today


I decided to do a different kind of post every day on this WordPress blog… Follower Appreciation Friday, Throwback Thursday, Write Bloody Wednesday… So… to do something for Mondays and Tuesdays… It’s Monday so to keep with the catchy tag for the posts I decided on “My Life Monday” which will basically be a weekly post about random stuff going on or that I am thinking about at the time.  My life is pretty simple so don’t expect a lot of super in depth stuff here! :-P

That’s all that I am thinking about at the moment this week… maybe next week will be a bit more interesting, eh?  ;-)

The bf and me this past spring 2013… this is my life: sunny days in Phoenix, AZ and smiles with my love. :-)

From chapbook to perfect bound (part 2)

I’ve been posting on my tumblr about my experience with to self-publish my chapbook into a perfect bound book and I also submitted my audio to have my CD available to sell online as print on demand. Going to pick up where I left off in the last post.


So now I am waiting to see if my uploads pass the final review. I am guessing this is the part where an actual human being looks at the files. Super cool that it will all be put over to Kindle Direct Publishing for me!  CreateSpace has been pretty awesome so far. If only getting a book published traditionally were this easy! :-P


Still working on this book…
The review came back that the cover needed some changes. I changed the cover and resubmitted. Hopefully I will hear back that all is well and I can move on to the Kindle step.
While I’m waiting I started a CD project so that I can do on-demand CDs too. I’ll let you know how that turns out. :-)


Review of my book upload is complete! :-D
Got the email that my book passed review and now I need to check the proof. They offer a free PDF that I can download and print but I decided to go with ordering a physical copy of the book to proof it. It will get here in about a week (I could’ve paid for expedited shipping but I chose not to).   I’M SO EXCITED!!!! ^_^


I mentioned that I started a CD project on CreateSpace…
I don’t have AIFF files so I am using my mp3s. I was thinking I could download my  CD in AIFF format since I have free codes to use on bandcamp. But… no AIFF option on bandcamp (four or five OTHER options, just no AIFF). So… I downloaded a higher quality mp3 format to maximize my upload to CreatSpace.   in the meantime, I kind of got hung up on the cover part of the CD set up… it is a bit more complicated than the book cover since there is the booklet AND the jewel case insert (the images behind plastic in clear cases) AND the image on the CD itself. My files are just for a simple insert card so I have a lot of changes to make.


FINALLY finished the CD project upload…
Files are reviewed within 10 business days. I’m a little concerned because there was no clear place for the side text so it may come out with none and that may not be approved.
Once I get the notification that my CD is good to go, I will post a link. :-)



It was well worth the $6 (which includes shipping) to get it and have a production quality book in my hands. Sadly, it seems like every other page has an error that SOMEHOW was missed in the numerous times I went over the text and cover. There were a lot of things that I could have swore I already corrected before uploading. This delays my Kindle release until I get it all squared away. :-/

So… I have to be sure that ALL the corrections I made/am making are actually SAVED in the file that I upload for the corrections. I’ve already corrected the front cover image since what is wrong with that is not visible in the online preview that I looked at when I was setting it up. Now to fix all the little interior typos and be sure the saved item is 100% correct. I’m thinking I should print out the Word doc this time, but since I don’t have a printer it may actually be cheaper to have the proof sent (just not as quick).

Back to work for me while I wait for the CD to be reviewed and see if that comes out the way I want. I’ll keep you posted! :-)


CreateSpace stuffs…

So yesterday I finished up the corrections on the book and resubmitted the files for the interior and cover… Today I got the message that the proof was ready for the book and for the CD as well. So I ordered the proof for the CD (no online proof option was available for the CD). I decided to order the proof of the book as well. Turns out that was a mistake because I realized I didn’t double check the online proof first and OF COURSE when I looked at it there was a blank page missing in the front that messed up the arrangement of my pages. OH WELL. I’ll wait for the new proof book to just have for me and then I will submit the RE-edit with the blank page added and THAT will be what gets printed.

I decided to just submit to Kindle as is.  Thankfully CreateSpace allows for the Kindle file transfer without the print proof being approved by me so I am able to review what the Kindle version will look like… I don’t  like how the margin formatting looks on the online preview of the Kindle version… I was hoping it was set up to auto size to fit to the screen. More work to do I guess. I’ll keep you posted! :-)


STILL working on the CreateSpace and Kindle stuffs…

I still had one minor error in formatting on the print version and trying to get the ebook to look right is not going well since the formatting is dependent on the device used and the size of font the reader decides to use. So… for the kindle I just changed where the page breaks are and for the print book I added the blank page so the flow of the book would be correct. I’m not going to order another print since it was my own fault for not checking the online print first. Or maybe I will order another print just to have it. We’ll see after the file review is complete.

On the sales end… I went ahead and paid the extra $25 to have my book in more markets event though I have no idea if it will really do any good. I chose the 70% royalty on the ebook on to hopefully maximize my earnings there. We’ll see how that works for me in the short and long run. Stay tuned!


I got my hard copy proof of the second edit…

I am STILL finding things in it that I could have SWORE were already corrected and saved on the file I uploaded. Still worth saving the $350 to do all this myself and not have someone else do all this checking and rechecking.

In the meantime, the Kindle is up and running and is the only thing that comes up if you search Niccolea. Only $3.99 for the ebook. :-)


Got my proof copies of my poetry book and CD!


My first professional looking CD! ^_^

Still tweaking my blog sharing and stuff…

Looks like it does NOT share if I do the “Quick Post” option. Duly noted.

Also… I need to turn off my tumblr  and Facebook share connections to my poetry twitter since it goes there in triplicate from WP, FB, and tumblr. OOPS.

To Ad or Not to Ad

I like my WordPress better than my Blogger but my Blogger has Google AdSense that I can get paid for… and even my Weebly site connects to my AdSense but I need to make it pretty like my WordPress and it’s not as easy… if Weebly’s blog function allowed for scheduling a queue and sharing across the networks then it would be nearly perfect… so…

Back to WordPress… My other blogs I can monetize without an upgrade, but I have to APPLY to see IF my WordPress can be monetized and only if I pay for the blog to be mapped and/or hosted as a domain. I would have to make $26/yr just to break even and if WordAds work like AdSense,  I don’t have enough traffic yet for that expense to pan out… We’ll see what I end up doing… I’ll keep you posted!

The process of my life journey…


I am travelling in 2013 because I was bound and determined to leave Phoenix, AZ this year.

I had this bug in my system ever since late 2008 or early 2009. The question then was: WHERE TO? In 2010 after featuring in Albuquerque, I decided that I was in love and that would be my new home in 2012 or 2013. Then in 2011 the desire to leave the USA entirely got into me. I had friends who taught English abroad and thought about getting certified to do that. Then I heard about WWOOFing – volunteering on an organic farm and that seemed like a great idea too! So then it was just a matter of deciding which track and where.

Then in August of 2012 my friend Dovid invited me to go with him on his adventure to circumnavigate the globe! I threw myself into that idea full keel and immediately made a facebook page for the trip which has been dubbed The Emuna Endeavor after the name of the boat (Emuna which means faith in Hebrew) and part of the name suggested by my friend Cisco (who is the first recipient of the beach pack prize). So no less than half of my time has been spent looking things up and building the foundation by which we can share our journey as well as gain funding for the trip as well.

Since the actual shove off date for The Emuna Endeavor isn’t until July 2013, there are other parts to my personal journey outside of the Emuna. First, I will be spending some time with my mother in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico (more commonly known here as Rocky Point). Then back to Phoenix to visit during the 25th annual Art Detour weekend. If possible I want to visit my beloved Albuquerque before heading to Astoria, Oregon to begin my sailing lessons.

So… now to figure out how to fund my personal journey before the grand adventure! So far I am selling my art pretty regularly so I have half of the money to get to Mexico. Once I  complete a commissioned art piece for $200, I will have the money to get to Albuquerque. Then I will need $500 to get to Oregon from New Mexico. Plus all the small incidental things like my phone bill and whatnot.

It’s all a wonderful day to day trip with so many small parts and steps. Each step teaches me something new about life, people, and myself. I am loving it so far and am looking forward to all the next parts!


Finding the Erasure of My Silence

“By speaking my story I am adding to the erasure of that silence”
~ Jasmine Schlafke on the systematic silencing of marginalized groups

I am a woman, and Black, and diagnosed with clinical depression… and yet… I don’t feel like I have a story. I was a childhood witness to addiction and physical abuse and yet I don’t feel like that witness is enough. I survived date rape but feel like it is not something anyone would want to hear about.

I wonder sometimes how to get past all these blocks in my speech. I don’t know most days how to tell my story or if I try, it comes out so distant from myself that I feel like it is ineffective. I flip flop between wanting to just get it out and into the air, and wanting it to actually be a meaningful help to someone who has also been silent.

Perhaps the inability to tell my past is why I focus on writing my now and my future. Why I create adventure after adventure. I am fire barely controlled. I am a circus act of moderate proportions. I dance to release and sometimes control my feelings. I am a poet and painter and picture taker. I have become a Jill of all trades and a master of none. I become a slave to my own sense of being interesting to the world.

As I write this I am realizing how much I have to tell. I am nearly native to Arizona which is a state nationally notorious for it’s super right winged closed mindedness. How did I grow to be a hetero-flexible person in spite of my self chosen Christianity in a place where the conservative hierarchy makes the rules?

Maybe there is too much to tell. Will I even be able to think about all the things I could tell from before as I am preparing for the future? Once I am on my amazing journey, will I have space in my brain for organizing my many tales into something worth sharing? I honestly don’t know. I just know I have to acknowledge that I actually DO have something to say.

All I really know at this point is that I have to remember who I am at my core. I have to thank every immortal cell in my body and thank all the energy in the universe for all that I  had, all I have, and all I will have. For now, that is what I do to survive this magical carpet ride of life.


Below are my thoughts on the idea of Consent Culture. Because I am primarily heterosexual, this is written from a very hetero-normative perspective. If anyone has any thoughts from the LGBTQ perspective, please comment below. I would love to hear your insight!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Even with the trigger filled week (or more?) that I have had, I have refused to fully turn away from all of these conversations about rape culture and safer spaces. One thing that really stood out for me was the idea of Consent Culture. The idea that we don’t proceed without the ENTHUSIASTIC YES. Whether it is in friendship, family, business, and of course in love relationships. The idea of Enthusiastic Consent intrigues me. I do know that for now we are still silent. We are operating on the idea of silence as implied consent. I know that I do it a lot in a lot of situations. Of course this week the conversations have been around consent culture as an alternative to rape culture and the context is primarily physical affection and sex. I want to practice the process of enthusiastic consent with my next lover. Can anyone (male or female) thoroughly entrenched in this patriarchal culture of implied consent really respond to the idea of enthusiastic consent? Can I bring myself to speak in those alone moments where the draw of skin lures me into touch? So far… no.

With all these conversations happening all over facebook, I have really examined myself and my habits. I am glad to say that most of my most offensive moments were years ago (back in 2008-2009). There is no reason for me as a woman to think that just because a man unbuttons his shirt that it is OK to rub his man fur. I am aggressively flirtatious. I see the times that I have said WILDLY inappropriate things with definite intentions. I am working on myself in these things and have come a long way since then. I still have a lot of work to do and I am still not actively seeking consent, but I am much better and I am thankful for these hard conversations that keep it in the front of my mind so that my imperfections do not become transgressions.

I have a feeling that people think that women can’t be coersive, but really many of us are the absolute best at psycological manipulation in a lot of cases because we usually don’t have the physical advantage (in hetero-normative situations anyway). Although, I have thrown a guy down once and even though at the time it was just to show that I could do it if I wanted to, right now that action feels more dangerous than I ever want to be again. During these times of hard talks (now and before) I have had male friends tell me of how women have gone against their wishes. I feel women get away with more because we are all conditioned to think there is no way a wittle itty bitty woman could force a man to do anything. But the idea of male ego may override the lack of interest in the act that a woman initiates. I think men do what women do in those situations, turn it around in their head so that they are not weak. Make it an idea of conquest and a compliment. Men are not immuned to this even though they are not nearly as victimized (as far as we know).

I do know that as a woman and a survivor I am sensitive to non-verbal cues. The last near sex situation I found myself in I had to stop because the guy was conflicted and although he would pull me to him when I tried to pull back in respect the part of him that didn’t know if sex was the right direction to take our friendship. I don’t know for a fact that he was trying to override his hesitation because of male ego and sexual bravado requirements of how our current culture works, but I have a feeling that this mindset probably had a lot to do with it. I told him honestly that I didn’t feel like what was happening was fully consensual on his part so stopping had to happen. He conceded and we are still friends. I am thankful for my growth in this area leading me to this even being possible.

So what about the future? My future? How can I as a woman implement this Consent Culture and the idea of Enthusiastic Consent into my next interaction? I’m still growing in this. I still listen and look for the non-verbal cues instead of asking out loud for a voiced confirmation. I will work on this in myself. I hope that we can begin the process of all learning it so that we can be safer and happier.

This is not a tightrope and I am not an acrobat…


Lately I have been feeling a tad frazzled with trying to keep track of preparations for the big sailing trip next year ( which for now includes narrowing down my physical belongings, looking up port cities to see where we want to stop, getting a (free) camera to start doing the fundraising video, seeing if any of our current friends know friends in other countries who can connect us to coastal folk that we can befriend and visit (since the whole draw of the trip is to create global community).  I am looking into corporate sponsorship to basically be a floating billboard and youtube ad slot for any company who wants to stand for unifying the world by our commonality instead of dividing us by our differences. I will also be approaching local businesses here in Phoenix as well as in Astoria where Dovid lives and even the port cities we will be visiting here in the USA and abroad. It’s a lot of work and I really hope I can get most of it done BEFORE leaving Phoenix in mid January.  I have also been monitoring the twitter and tumblr accounts for the trip and even to a small degree the Google+ and Blogger accounts. Twitter isn’t so bad because the facebook and tumblr auto cross post to there, but I do still log on to see if there are new followers or @mentions or direct messages.   Now that I just typed all that out… WHEW that is a LOT of stuff I am doing!

Since I know I am leaving I am cherishing every moment I can with all the people in my life here locally. I am going to as many events as I possibly can. I meet up with people just to connect or even if it is for some other purpose like selling my art, I still spend some moments with the person to connect. I am so super fortunate to have so many wonderfully bright shining lights of kindness and community and people actively doing their dream. Even the new people I am meeting are in line with this energy! So much inspiration around me!

I’m also still working on my poetry… I write all the time. I can’t seem to help myself most days. Thoughts come into my head and I type them out and post them on my poetry facebook in the status. If I really like a poem I have written, I will put it in my notes on that page. I also have been queuing my National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) poems to my poetry tumblr. At one poem posted per day once I get all my poems from April 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 that is almost SIX MONTHS of poetry posts! And like with the trip, I also have a poetry twitter account and a poetry Blogger account. Same deal with the poetry twitter, I just log on to check for new follower and @mentions since the tumblr and facebook both cross post there.

Speaking of followers… I am also trying to write each new follower a poem. Which if I had written the poems right away as they came in, no problem… but… I didn’t do that so now I have 35 twitter followers and 50 followers on tumblr… D’OH! So I really want to find the time to write those poems too. OH! and I have a banker’s box FILLED with poems that if they are hand written I need to see if they are already in soft copy somewhere in my files or online (I send poems to myself via email even if I don’t post them anywhere) and even the printed ones I need to make sure I actually still have the soft copy that I printed them from (some I didn’t). SO… again… a LOT of stuff I am doing!

Of course there is life outside of preparation, poetry and people… I am a live-in nanny for my friend in exchange for  room and board (I may ask for $30/mo to keep my PayGo phone on too). It’s fine most of the time but it can interfere with my social life and my trying to sell my art at events because my friend and her husband are in a band so their gigs are almost always on the nights that things are going on. It’s cool when they have a gig that the kids can come to so that I can go with them and watch the kids there, but they mostly play bars so the kids can’t go. Which is fine. I am so grateful to have a place to live while I figure out the next phase of my life with this huge trip.

Funny thing about writing this entry… I have had a thought that I am feeling frazzled for no reason, but now that I look at my life all neatly typed out like this, I am seeing that my life is REALLY full. I do take maybe 5-10 minutes in the morning to just be and center before I start my day.. maybe I need to take 15-20 to just sit in grateful mindfulness of my life and all that is in it. <3



Well hello there, WordPress!


I have far too many things online to properly keep up this blog… Facebook, Tumblr, LiveJournal, twitter, youtube, Google+… separate ones for my poetry, and my visual art, and now for my upcoming sailing trip.

The sailing trip is taking up the most mental energy even though it isn’t until next May… looking up ports and seeing where we can stop and all those other little details me and my BFF Dovid may need… plus making all the online profiles for all of the above…

This blog has been completely neglected! I originally made it to post poetry… but since it doesn’t have “poetry” or “poet” in the URL, I think I will post once a week or so just an overall update of all my goings on.

Thanks for reading and staying tuned! :-)

Some other places online where I am more active in case you were wondering…

Poetry: (@NiccoleaPoetry)

downloadable tracks $1 each:


Sailing trip: (@EmunaEndeavor)



I put this on a prior post but in case you came to this before the other… here is the update:

Well, we didn’t leave in 2013. My friend Dovid had to deal with some legal issues that he knew would take time. May 2014 we went to Oregon where the boat was. The boat was not quite big enough for two of us so in July 2014 Dovid got a bigger boat. I was in school in 2015 learning maritime studies and got a basic certification in seamanship (but not a license). I ended school in April this year and since then we have been getting the gear we need piece by piece. We have a new sail date of June 2017. Things are coming together! If you would like to follow our preparations and travels once we get going, this is our website:

A long time coming…

It’s been quite a while since I updated here. Like I said in my first post over 6 months ago, I really only started this because others I know are on here. It’s going to stay pretty plain for a while.

I figure I better at least put more words up since I have this site listed on the back of my chapbooks now. So I will begin on this first day of April aka National poetry month by cross posting my poems I write for the month.

I am challenging myself in 2011 to write a poem a day so I have challenged myself in April to write TWO poems per day AND to adhere to a particular form for each poem. I am going to see if I can break my 2008 & 2009 records of over 70 poems in one month (this of course counts haiku/senryu, couplets, and other short poems).

So here we go!



I am going through a lot of online changes so I will be taking down all of my poetry and redoing this blog in 2017. I will leave some of the old posts up and most of the 2016 posts.

I have recently had a book published by Swimming with Elephants Publications which they have graciously agreed to make at cost. I will be giving all of the profits received above the printing and shipping expenses of the books to charities that help women.  Currently, I have an IndieGoGo campaign to launch the book which runs until the end of August. This project will benefit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Rachel McKibbensOutlast Project, and local women’s shelters. Please check it out. Every $1 and share helps!

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

And so it begins…


And so I have another place I signed up for really just to be able to comment on others’ words but decided to create my own forum as well. This will be mostly business. My businesses being poetry, painting, and Prepaid Legal. Some of this will be about my immortality and People Unlimited (  As you can tell, this blog is brought to you by the letter “P”!

I am working on my Prosperity and my Peace and anything else Positive that I can give to myself and through me to the world.