I used to post my poetry on the blog here, but I had to take it down due to stricter definitions of “published” when submitting UN-published works to literary journals. So, this site will be to chronicle my submission journey as well as the back story of my writing process.

If you are a poet, check out my public Google document SUBMIT POETRY FOR FREE. Some even pay for accepted work! Feel free to save a copy so that you can edit it to your own needs. Also, I try to keep it updated so let me know if you find something out of date that I missed.

I’ll also occasionally use this blog for voicing my opinion about things I come across (mostly online). I’ll throw in some of my favorite writing prompts from time to time as well as some poetry related quotes by people far more famous than I am. Plus, I will give some shout outs to my favorite writers around the country (and the world if I find some outside of the USA). Also, I will post book recommendations from time to time.

Sadly, it looks like I can’t embed my stores into WordPress. So I’ll do the next best thing and have a page for links to where you can see and/or listen to and/or buy my poetry.

In the meantime, the link below is to a playlist of YouTube videos. ENJOY! :-)

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I gotta say – I’m really happy you and I started digitally chatting regarding poetry. I really appreciate your posts.

    Also – if you have any advice on how to be as diligent with updates as you are – I’d really enjoy knowing.

    • Sorry I didn’t see your Dec 3rd comment until just now! Honestly most of my diligence in posting was because I was out of work and had the time to pre-queue a ton of posts. Now that I am working AND in a relationship, the blog has been neglected (as my late reply attests to :-P). I have a goal now to spend one day a week building blog content. I think if you can take the time to build a queue, then that is the best way to be consistent with the posting. I hope that helps! :-)

      • Yes, the “queue” concept is doing well for me. I’ve been blogging ideas here and there and just having them post much later than when I type them.

        I too am working… 4 jobs actually… And have a relationship. I try to blog about what I do on the job – which helps.

        Either way, here’s to 2014…

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