Happy World Poetry Day! ^_^



I wasn’t going to post any more poetry online… but in honor of World Poetry Day and The Outlast Project Indiegogo campaign: A Found Poem from the prompts Rachel Mckibbens has been posting for each $100 raised. (These are not all of them and not in the order she posted. Ever so slightly edited in one or two spots for flow.)



If your body is a church, what memory is its god?
your mother as a forest and all that was lost in it.
your childhood in 12 apologies
ghosts flesh your body

Witches by water,
werewolves by silver bullets,
vampires by wooden stakes.
Anything can be destroyed.
Sometimes with the most simple tools.
Drag a shame of yours into a room, then kill it.

A poem written from inside his body.
a murder ballad to the hands that wolf you.
the many translations of your skin.
What now resides in their absence?
an object that saved your life.

a ten line biography for your teeth.
gender as a place
an elegy for what you’ve chosen to disinherit

Your heart as a sideshow act
of forbidden things that bring you joy.
a letter to whiteness in the voice of a bullet
an open letter to your favorite letter in the alphabet.

a dinner party where all the guests are those you’ve wronged.
a 25-line brag about what you OWN.
yourself mighty & naked,
strolling through a town that does not deserve you.

the morning before the betrayal.
an angry letter to an ex in the voice of one of your body parts.
describing safe as it was when you were small
compared to what it is now.
In the museum of poverty