Shameless Self Promotion – Society6

Let’s face a fact that is not popular with a lot of poets…

Not everyone wants to buy a poetry book.

Blasphemy, I know! But… it’s true.

With my friends who like poetry but not enough to own a book in mind, I created some items on a reputable website. I made a profile on Society6.

Society6 has all American made items and I get 10% of any sales. I get $10 from sales of prints of my poems that I put over photos that I have taken.

I don’t promote my online store at all and decided for 2017 to be more proactive with letting the people who actually are interested in my poetic offerings know what I am doing and have available.

Even if you don’t purchase anything, I would love if you could share any items you like so that I can fund the sailing trip that I will be embarking on beginning June 2017. (I potentially will be the first Black American woman to sail around the world!)

Thanks for reading,
~ Niccolea