I don’t pray like a Christian… I don’t meditate like a Buddhist or Hindi… I wake up… and practice stillness… not silence… not emptiness… just… stillness…. then gratitude… then the journey where I let the images and thoughts come as they will… eventually there is the purging of the pain… the letting go and the healing… more gratitude… and then the wishing… this is what the word “prayer” really means: asking… this is where desire is acknowledged and I float in and out of wanting and releasing… wanting but not being attached to specifics… wanting but not holding on to expectations… embracing fluidity… and then more gratitude… this morning I acknowledge all that I have to give and all that I will receive… I wish for blessings for all of you as well… hold yourself as worthy today… it is beautiful in its beginning.

#MLM = My Life Monday — The Emuna Endeavor

I had at some point last year had the intention of posting a personal blog every Monday. I haven’t really been keeping up with that very much. Right now I am trying to get myself together to sail around the world so most of my energy is going to be put into that.

If you would like to keep up with what is going on I would suggest checking out our WordPress site for the trip:

Soon I will be posting some blog posts about the road trip in May from Louisiana to Oregon (where the boat has been in storage) and of the things we have done so far and what we have planned for going forward. I will also be posting inspirational quotes and links to things I am researching about circumnavigating the globe via sailboat.

If you would like to be a part of the start of a movement to support the idea of global friendship and diversity, please follow the trip blog. It is only a personal quest for us if you don’t join in too! We would love to hear from you! :-)


#MLM = My Life Monday — Acknowledgements…

I started making it a point to thank people for liking my posts. I went back and acknowledged each like on all my entries for October and will continue to do so going forward until my travel schedule doesn’t allow for it anymore. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read these thoughts of mine so it’s the least I can do to say so!



#MLM = My Life Monday — Best laid plans…

There is a saying: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”… I am feeling that one right about now. Seems like no matter what my intentions have been, the execution of those intentions has consistently been missing the mark in 2013.

I had an EXCELLENT 2010 and 2011. 2012 had its ups and downs but for the most part my life was still very good. This year my life still has its bright moments but as the common calendar year comes to a close, I am finding that there are many things I should have done differently. I refuse to regret because it is an insult to the gift of life. I acknowledge 100% my part in how my life is in the moment.

Now is where I decide what is next… once I figure it out… I will let you know…

#MLM = My Life Monday — It’s still quiet on the home front…

My life is very small in my opinion. It has been filled mostly with poetry (mine and other people’s). Occasionally I have some photography in there. I dance sometimes. Sometimes (like right now) I have love in my life.

This year 2013 is very quiet compared to 2012 when I went to parties and events all the time and planned to leave on a sailing trip around the world this summer. The trip is postponed until next year (see for more info) and in the meantime I am just here surviving from week to week, day by day.

So just like last week, life is quiet. We’ll see what happens between now and next Monday. :-)



#MLM = My Life Monday — Things are pretty simple today


I decided to do a different kind of post every day on this WordPress blog… Follower Appreciation Friday, Throwback Thursday, Write Bloody Wednesday… So… to do something for Mondays and Tuesdays… It’s Monday so to keep with the catchy tag for the posts I decided on “My Life Monday” which will basically be a weekly post about random stuff going on or that I am thinking about at the time.  My life is pretty simple so don’t expect a lot of super in depth stuff here! :-P

That’s all that I am thinking about at the moment this week… maybe next week will be a bit more interesting, eh?  ;-)

The bf and me this past spring 2013… this is my life: sunny days in Phoenix, AZ and smiles with my love. :-)