Greetings from Washington, DC and a Feature Performance


In 2010-2012 I used to feature at least once a month. Including the cast appearances and being an opener for another more famous poet I would be on at least 20 flyers per year! The last feature I did was in Tucson in November 2012 and I have only performed once or twice since then. And yet… Back in April when Shelly Bell posted in the Women of Poetry Slam group on Facebook that she was looking to have ALL female features in 2015 for her show, I somehow thought that going to DC to perform for the first time in 3 years was a good idea. I think it was my financial aid money burning a hole in my pocket that gave me the hudspah to just up and buy a plane ticket. So… HERE I AM IN DC! I will perform tonight at the Busboys and Poets in the Village at Shirlington in Arlington, VA. SO EXCITED! ^_^


washington monument - sketch style