100 Submissions in 100 Days – #21 Goblin Fruit

OK for those who are new to the series, I started working with the public Google doc Journals That Pay FOR POEMS and then made my Google doc titled “SUBMIT POETRY FOR FREE”. Today’s submission to Goblin Fruit comes from the original Google doc but is also a FREE submission.

They don’t have an “About” page, so here is their submission guidelines:

Before you submit to Goblin Fruit, there are a few things you might find useful to know; for instance, the submission guidelines. If any question you have has not been addressed below, feel free to query at goblin.fruit[at]gmail[dot]com, and please do read our Frequently Implied Questions for additional information.

What is it we want?
We want poetry that we can call “of the fantastical”, poetry that treats mythic, surreal, fantasy and folkloric themes, or approaches other themes in a fantastical way. Re-write a fairytale, ponder an old story, consider history from an unusual perspective — really, it’s up to you, so long as the fantastical element is there. Since what qualifies as “the fantastical” is easily debatable, however, here’s what we’re not interested in: science fiction poetry (it’s not you, it’s us), horror for horror’s sake, and poetry that’s self-consciously gothic.

We have no prejudice against traditional poetic forms, rhyme, or meter. We’d like to stay that way, so please let the form serve the poem, not the other way around. Prose poems will be harder to sell, mainly because so many of them straddle the flash fiction line.

How much do we pay?
Beginning in January 2016 we will be paying $15.00 USD on publication for original, unpublished poems, and $5.00 for solicited reprints. If you’d like to submit a poem that has been published elsewhere, please query first with the poem’s title, where it was originally published and when. We purchase first North American serial rights and first Worldwide Electronic rights for three months; after that rights revert to the author, although we do request permission to keep the poem in our archives indefinitely.

There is more information. Feel free to click the link above to read the rest.

Since this is an online journal, there is a lot of work that can be perused to see examples. I always find that helpful so I put aside my preference for printed journals (especially since this online journal PAYS). I selected 5 poems to send to them and, as usual, I am hoping they are to the editor’s liking. Crossing my fingers!

Have you been published by a journal? What was your submission experience? Have you submitted but not been accepted? How did you deal with that? I would love to hear from you in the comments.


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