100 Submissions in 100 Days – #19 3:AM

Here we are doing another of my 100 submissions. I am slogging along and REFUSE to quit… at least not today! Speaking of the day, today’s submission is to 3:AM.

I’m working from my new Google doc titled “SUBMIT POETRY FOR FREE” that merges the free submissions from the public Google doc Journals That Pay FOR POEMS (whether they had a fee to submit or not) and the list Trish Hopkinson made from the Entropy article (she filtered it to ONLY list the ones that had free submissions).

On to the 3:AM submission… They don’t have and “About” page which makes it hard to gauge the personality of the zine. They do have links on the menu bar for the different kinds of work they publish so that is helpful.

From their Submissions page:

All writers should contact a relevant editor according to the subject fields listed on our contacts page — one query per piece per editor, please!

Complete articles, reviews, pitches, and queries can be sent to a relevant editor (recommended) or to submissions@3ammagazine.com.

Note: Fiction submissions are open until 4th November 2016.

Note: Poetry submissions are open until 1 January 2017.

Note: Please contact the editor before sending any books, magazines, CDs or DVDs for review consideration. Owing to an already high volume, unsolicited books sent for review will not be acknowledged and correspondence will not be entered into.

Please note, we do not pay for contributions.

It’s pretty succinct and doesn’t give any extra subjective information so it’s definitely good that this zine has the online links. I think the poetry here is varied in style and voice, but it appears they do prefer educated writers and/or poets who have been published in some other relatively prestigious journal (but that may just be my impression based on reading the poet bios).

Since I am trying not to do any simultaneous submissions, finding things to fit into this journal wasn’t easy. I hope the poems I sent meet with their approval. Fingers crossed!

So are YOU doing any submitting? If you have submitted in the past, what has your experience been? I would love to hear from you in the comments! ^_^


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