100 Submissions in 100 Days – #7 The Nashville Review

I am getting into a groove with this submission thing I think. It takes a while for each one because once I find one that is open, I have to read some of the prior issues so that I know what the “feel” of the journal is. THEN, I have to go through my poems to see which one(s) fit that feel. Today I am doing that process with Nashville Review

Nashville Review is a publication of Vanderbilt University that has content going back to at least 2010 (that’s as far as I scrolled through). They don’t have an “About” page, though.

Their submission guidelines are very thorough so I will only put the most pertinent parts that apply to me here.

You may submit fiction, poetry, and nonfiction three times a year: January, May and September.

All submissions may be made through our online submissions manager. Please do not email your submission, as it will not be read. We encourage simultaneous submissions: if your work is accepted elsewhere, wonderful! Just leave a note via Submittable, so we know the piece has been taken elsewhere.

We’re excited to read all types of poetry. We’re entirely open to publishing tight formalism alongside sprawling, experimental work.

Following our website redesign, we’re placing a much greater emphasis on visual art. Beginning with Spring 2015, each subsequent issue will have a featured artist. This allows for up to thirteen pieces of your art to be showcased, and to be paid $100 for doing so. Submissions must be in a landscape/horizontal orientation. Ideal dimensions are 1492×682. Other sizes will end up being slightly cropped. Work—paintings, drawings, photography—may be submitted as attachments to the Editor at thenashvillereview@gmail.com, or simply direct us to your website if it showcases available work.

I’ve included the artist guidelines since I may submit some of my art as well. Not sure yet, though.

From their submission form:

Up to five poems may be submitted. Please submit and upload all poems into one file. Length limit: 8 pages. Only one submission per open reading period.

I went ahead and submitted five poems to this journal. Fingers crossed!

Are you submitting your work to journals and magazines? What has your experience been so far? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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