100 Submissions in 100 Days – #4 The Baltimore Review

I am still going down the list in the public Google document Journals That Pay FOR POEMS. So far I have submitted to A Public Space (five poems), to AGNI (three poems), and to Alyss (four poems). I think this is the last day that I will list all the prior journals. I can see how by the end it would take up the whole post! >_<

I have to admit that I find this entire process deeply intimidating since prior to now I have usually been approached by people familiar with my work to submit to the zine or journal they edit. The only time that wasn’t the case was the very first submission where I wrote a poem specifically for that particular online journal and thankfully was accepted.   This is where the “results not typical” asterisk pops up at the bottom of the screen.

Of course in all of those cases, it was UNPAID publications. Which I suppose is why these current submissions are a bit more mentally challenging even though I have decided NOT to write new work for each. Even with this, the process of sifting through my archive of HUNDREDS of poems that I have written over the past FIFTEEN YEARS is somewhat daunting. BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAY!

On to today’s submissionThe Baltimore Review.

From their about page:

The Baltimore Review was founded by Barbara Westwood Diehl in 1996 as a literary journal publishing short stories and poems, with a mission to showcase the best writing from the Baltimore area, from across the U.S., and beyond. Our mission remains just that. However, in our online format, we can now bring that fine writing to the world’s attention, more frequently, and at less cost. We can also explore new ways to bring the world of writers and writing to the reader’s attention.

From their submission guidelines:

Payment for non-contest submissions is Web exposure, a copy of the annual compilation in which the author’s work appears, and a small payment ($40 Amazon gift certificate or $40 through PayPal, if preferred). We hope to continue this as long as funding is available. We also nominate our contributors’ work for every possible prize, and we send copies of the print compilation to the Best American series and other prize anthologies.

Submit 1-3 poems. No fee. Please submit all poems in one document, not individually. If you later need to withdraw one or two poems, please note this in Submittable. No need to email us. No need to withdraw the submission. One submission per reading period. Name, address, phone number, and email address on top of the page for each poem. Or include contact information in your bio box. Poems should be single-spaced, titled, with clear stanza breaks.

I submitted three poems to this journal. Per the info in the Google doc linked above, the average response time is 90 days. Wish me luck!

Are you submitting your work to journals and magazines? What has your experience been so far? I would love to hear from you in the comments!



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