100 Submissions in 100 Days – #1 A Public Space

The first submission I will do is to A Public Space.

A Public Space is an independent magazine of literature and culture founded in 2006. Most of the categories are accepting submissions until April 2017, but there are a couple that end soon so be sure to check these out ASAP. Their submission guidelines can be found on the About page (you’ll have to scroll down to see the section).

From the first paragraph of the guidelines:

We accept unsolicited submissions from September 15–April 15, and recommend reading an issue or two before you submit your work—subscribe today or explore the online archive. The best way to submit is through Submittable: it’s easy to use, saves time and paper and postage, and enables you to keep track of your submission.

It is pretty much standard advice to read the journal you are submitting to so that you know what their “sound” or “vibe” is and can submit work that compliments it. The reading is the part that makes submitting take so long for me. If not for that sage bit of instruction, I could just pick random files from my archive and send away willy-nilly. This is NOT a good way to do it! :-P

Now be advised that for this particular publication they DO NOT let you read full prior issues online if you are not a subscriber to their magazine. There are a few items listed as “Public Access”, but most of the entries are just the first paragraph. So, even though the submission fee is listed as zero on the Journals that PAY FOR POEMS  public Google document, if you actually want to read the ALL content, it will cost the price of a subscription. I personally only read the public access content since my life does not allow for much recreational reading these days.

I submitted one poem to one category and four poems in another. Because they are a quarterly journal, the response time can be upwards of four months. Wish me luck! ^_^

Are you submitting your work? What has your experience been so far? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


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