“This is Water”–guest blog post by m.nicole.r.wildhood

This mirrors so much of my life’s thought process and here I am still trying to find the GREAT GOOD THING but I am also trying to figure out how to do the good AND write (preferably about the great good thing).

Trish Hopkinson

I was the only first-grader to use plunge in my response to Ms. Hill-Rounds’ prompt: Write a story about a time you learned how to do something. I could swim almost as soon as I could walk – my dad says I should have been born a fish – but I wasn’t comfortable until I was in the water, so the summer my younger sister was old enough for swimming lessons, my mom took the opportunity to sign me up for diving lessons. My story for Ms. Hill-Rounds was five pages of fear and trembling and running away at the last second, and a paragraph of finally plunging heels first off the high dive into 12 feet of rec-center-pool water. Ms. Hill-Rounds gave me high praise for ‘being a writer’ but it would be another two decades before I’d be able to commit to jumping all the way in.


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