Happy Monday the 13th!

Surprisingly, today was not the day unlucky things happened. The evening of Easter Sunday last week (4/5/15) was the beginning of a less than productive week. I went to leave for school to find the car not parked in the space it was left in the night before!

Since the campus of my classes is 5 miles or so beyond the bus route, and I don’t have a car, AND apparently even though I had money in my account my phone bill didn’t go through so I had no phone, I wasn’t able to coordinate rides to school and didn’t go to class all week Thankfully, my classes are self-paced and I know that I am capable of grinding out the missed work in a day or two if I push myself.

Other than the car theft and missed classes, life is relatively good. My job is only a few blocks away, I got to spend my days writing poetry for National Poetry Month on my twitter (@NiccoleaPoetry) and my Blogger.

The car was recovered! THANK GOODNESS!!!!! We’ll definitely be updating the car insurance to include theft coverage now!

Thanks so much to all who contributed to the GoFundMe car replacement campaign, we’ll be using the funds gathered towards the insurance since we only had the campaign up for a few days.

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