The Indelicate Editor – Why Now, Brown Cow?

I haven’t written a novel yet… I will keep these thoughts in mind when I do!

Blue Skirt Productions LLC

by Gayle Towell

cow-431729_1920So you’re writing a new novel, you say? And vigorously filling in all of the backstory as early as possible to leave the reader well-informed and ready to go?

Stop, already. Just stop. You’re making a cobbled mess of things. Probably, you’ve got one or more of the following going on:

1. Info Dumping

You might have a hook there, but you’ve hung a dozen jackets up on it, and your reader has no place to hang theirs. The present action is interrupted with a page of backstory every other paragraph. Very soon we’re looking up from your book to watch paint dry because it’s far more interesting.

If a villain is being villainous in the opening, I don’t care about how his parents neglected him as a child. I just want to watch him cook puppies. Drop the sob-story bomb later when the hero is about…

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