#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — MY KING

I certainly hope all of you had a wonderful and merry Christmas! Box Day is no time to rest from my throwing back on Thursdays! Looks like I am still on the same theme this week too! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


(Original post date/time: 2004-12-10 19:40:00)

Looking for my King
Cafe au lait or dark coco skin
Never too late to begin
Searching for love within
And I grin

Thinking bout a peace divine
I need some piece of mind
I think it’s about time
I got a love sublime
From a man so fine
And he’s mine

Somewhere in this universe
He’s searching for me first
With a line so rehearsed
That it hurts

Because we’ve been apart so long
It’s like a sad love song
God why you do me so wrong
And keep me all alone
But I got to hold on
And be strong

Trying to live God’s plan
And wait for my TRUE man
And try to understand
If I can

How God has us arranged
And has us pre-ordained
And with Christ’s Blood stained

To be
Part of the chosen
From God never stolen
Someday His face beholding
So I wait for my betrothen

And I,
Keep on praying
So he’ll know I’m not playing
Listening for words he’s saying
Wishing he’d stop delaying

Until then
I deal with stress and strain
Bit I’ve got to maintain
These thoughts inside my brain
And contain

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