#BH365 = Black History 365 — Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin

I’ve been watching a lot of historical documentaries lately and it inspired me to add yet another theme to my weeks here on WordPress: Black History 365. Basically it is part of the idea that there should not just be one day/week/month out of the year that people acknowledge the contributions of people of color to American history. The items that I will post are just the history of our country that focus on people who happen to be Black. I hope you learn as much from reading these as I do looking up the information to post it.

When most people think of African American History, they usually think of several main points… 1) slavery, and 2) the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I will definitely mention people who have done things within these two categories but I will try not to have those items be my ONLY focus for this section of my blog.

Since my last post was about the 1968 Olympics, I couldn’t help but think about the year that Jesse Owens proved the Aryans wrong on their own turf in Berlin at the 1936 Olympics

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On Aug. 3, 1936, Jesse Owens launched his way into sports stardom at the Summer Olympics in Berlin, where he racked up his first of four gold medals in the 100 meter sprint. As legend goes, German leader Adolf Hitler snubbed the African-American athlete for humiliating Germany and the Aryan athletes whom he had defeated on the track. However, some have claimed to debunk this supposed myth.



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