These things I have considered…


About The Emuna Endeavor (the sailing trip)… I may be blissfully optimistic in all things… but I am not an idiot… I am quite aware that this will be HARD… the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life both physically and mentally… I am not oblivious to the perils of storm and sea creatures… both the meat eaters that could take us and those that are as big as the vessel my friend and I will be in… I am not unaware that a lot of countries don’t like Americans… in every country there are those who barely tolerate Black people (if not outright hate us like here in the USA)… there are whole countries that are violently anti-Jew (especially the obvious Jew-ness of orthodoxy)… I know that living with another human being will be a challenge to learn to work together and to get along and not work each others nerves… to respect each others space as much as can be done in such tight quarters… Don’t think for a second that the thought of violent storms doesn’t make me nervous if not outright scare… but… all of these things ARE not reasons to abandon the idea of this trip… if anything they sturdy my resolve to DO THIS and build myself as a human being… I find it interesting (and a little sad) that people seem to FIRST mention all the perils (as though I hadn’t considered it)… very few have just embraced the fact that I KNOW IT WILL BE HARD AND I AM DOING IT ANYWAY… very few have just said “WOW! That is amazing!” and congratulated me on having something so grand to accomplish in my life… I understand why the worriers worry (worriers gon worry like haters gon hate I guess)… I don’t choose to let all of those things crush me… I just choose to eat this elephant one bite at a time and move towards the most fantastic adventure of my life so far!

FYI… we have a goal of 1000 online crew members (“likes”)… please like our facebook page and pas it on. :-)


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